The Grinch Drives A Jag – 12 Cars Of Christmas

    The Grinch Movie Still
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    Green, white and red. Rooftops lined with lights. Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé on repeat in every retail store. These are all constants of every holiday season. However, while most people are basking in the joy of said season, there are a select few that refuse to enter a retail store because the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, in their eyes, is not late November through early January. 

    They spend Christmas morning asleep until noon, because the night before they were poking holes in their neighbors’ inflatable snowmen lawn ornaments, taking out the first bulb in every elaborate Christmas light display in sight, and leaving copies of a 43 page peer reviewed research paper disproving Santa’s existence in every mailbox on the street, addressed to the youngest child of the house. We were curious, what would this modern day Grinch drive to complete these devious anti-holiday escapades?

    Image is Everything

    Just glancing at a certain shade of a color can bring to mind a specific car manufacturer. A vibrant deep red will likely bring Ferrari to mind. A French’s Mustard yellow equates to the former Italian tractor maker Lamborghini. A certain hue of green resembling a coniferous tree will immediately conjure up three letters in your head. BRG – British Racing Green. A color almost as iconic as the Grinch himself. 

    Jaguar XJS in British Racing Green
    Source: Classic Garage

    As for the car wrapped in this legendary coat, nothing suits the holiday hating hat-adorned hooligan more than the Jaguar XJS. The Grinch is not often associated with very nice things (he lives in a cave for crying out loud), which isn’t to say this Jag isn’t cool in its own regard, but XJ220’s and E-Type’s are hard to come by on Facebook Marketplace for under 15k, and that price point seems more befitting the Grinch persona. Jaguar owners were also given a reputation from some car journalists in the past of “borrowing” items from time to time, a behavior often associated with the green man with a distaste for holiday decor. 

    So be mindful this holiday season. If a dark green Jaguar XJS is spotted with a driver with a slight resemblance to Jim Carey, be sure to zip up your jacket over your ugly christmas sweater. And most of all, be thankful the Grinch doesn’t drive a Honda, because there’s a ninety percent chance the Jag won’t start before his planned mischief.

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