12 Cars Of Christmas: The Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Ugly Christmas Sweaters

    For car enthusiasts, and even conventional car owners, there is a certain amount of individuality that gets reflected in whatever auto graces their driveway. We want vehicles that are similar, but distinctly our own. The excess of the 1950s led to the culture differentiation of the 60s and 70s, and we started to see auto manufacturers find ways to separate their cars from the competition. The car wasn’t just to get from A to B, it was another way to express yourself.

    With that desire for differentiation came some interesting interiors. However, there may not be an interior more different, or ugly, than the Floral Prints found on the 1969 Plymouth Barracuda.

    Source: Mecum Auctions

    Offered in either yellow, green, or black, consumers could opt for this special design, which was apparently targeted towards young people, women specifically. The majority of the 937 models which donned this incredibly busy design were yellow. Apparently, while the Mod Top was iconic, it was not well-liked.

    If you were especially keen to look at shower curtains while you drove the car, you could opt to make your ’69 ‘Cuda ugly on the inside too, as the same print offered on the hard top could be extended inside the cab. Stauffer Plastics Division, which was known for making tablecloths and shower curtains at the time, was authorized by Chrysler to help develop the floral design for the Mod Top models. 

    The 1969 Barracuda could be had with several different engine options producing anywhere between 145hp with the standard V6 and 300hp with the V8 Super Commando. While the name is a bit much, more speed might be advantageous if you don’t want people seeing that you drive a sofa cushion.

    Plymouth ran an advert with the tagline “Introducing the car you wear”, which fully ties it in with our winner of The Ugly Christmas Sweater category. 

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