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2022 Porsche Infotainment System Gets Update, Native Apps

Porsche is rolling out a new update for its so-called Porsche Communication Management system, which is just a complicated way of defining the on-board infotainment system. The new update will bring new features on-board the cars that are compatible with it, as well as native apps and improved charging algorithms for longer journeys.

The new system will offer a number of functions customers didn’t have access to previously. For example, you will now be able to use native apps, installed directly on the car’s on-board system, like Spotify, for example. The means that you will no longer need to run the app on your phone, you can just play your favorite songs using the on-board app. Other upgrades include new, colored icons for the user interface as well as new functions available through free speech using the Voice Pilot.

However, one the more practical improvements will be instantly noticeable only to a select number of customers, namely those driving electric or PHEV cars. That’s because Porsche improved the calculation of charging sessions in its on-board Charging Planner. This way, the algorithm used by the software will now prioritize higher-output chargers (over 150 kW) when planning your route. This allows the computer to plan the charging stops you’re going to make on the way in a more efficient manner.

In addition, when calculating total driving time, the Charging Planner now includes the time it takes to start and stop the charging process at the charging station. These measures, when used together, result in an even better charging experience. A dynamic zoom function for charging stations during the journey has been included for a better overview.

The system displays all nearby charging alternatives, including whether or not they are currently in use. The display is limited to fast-charging stations in a larger view. Charging points can now be sorted by output thanks to a new filter. A revamped route monitor is included in the PCM 6.0 navigation system, on which relevant events can be individually shown or hidden during the trip.

The update for the 6.0 PCM system will begin rolling out over the coming weeks. All the new functions will be available on the 911, Taycan, Panamera and Cayenne models, where the system comes as standard.

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