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2023 Honda Civic Type R Presented Under Camo In Tokyo

The Honda Civic Type R will always hold a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts all over the world. Few front-wheel drive cars can rise to the same levels of excellency as the Type R and the unveiling of a new generation always causes a huge stir. Honda knows this and it’s already manipulating us with all sorts of teasers. The latest comes from the Tokyo Auto Salon, where the Japanese car maker brought out the Type R but still under wraps.

We’re talking about camouflage, of course, the psychedelic red wrap Honda used being there to throw us off the scent. Nevertheless, we could make out some details on it, from the considerably modified aerodynamics to the huge wing at the back. The front bumper is seriously more aggressive than on the standard version and it even includes a front lip, unique intakes and vertical air curtains.

Sportier side skirts and lightweight wheels are noticeable on the sides, while the usual Brembo brake system can also be spotted hiding under there, with is red calipers. Round the back we’re still dealing with a huge wing, as we mentioned above, and it looks like the center-mounted triple exhaust will be kept on as well.

Honda didn’t reveal any details or shots of the interior but we’re expecting the same changes as on the previous models. That means, compared to the standard model, the Type R will get bucket seats and a lot of Alcantara everywhere, a new gearshift knob, and a new steering wheel.

The video below shows the car on the Suzuka track and, from what we can make out, it seems like the new Type R will still rely on a 2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. That’s not exactly a surprise, as this has been a certified, loved and appreciated recipe for years now. What we don’t know is how much power this mill will deliver. Hopefully, it will be more than the 306 HP of the previous generation.

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