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Audi Launches New Matte Color Options For Q3 and TT

Audi announced the introduction of new matte paint choices for its customers today, on the Q3 and TT models. Both of them will be available with special colors, with that matte finish some people dream of but were never able to buy it on these two Coupes. 

The Audi TT will be getting the Daytona Gray, Florett Silver, and Python Yellow hues in an obvious attempt to spice things up. That’s because the Audi TT seems to be losing itself into the background, sales of the two-door coupe being the lowest in history across 2021. To be more precise, Audi sold just 987 units of the car last year. Therefore, these new colors are added to the mix, being available on every version of the TT, including the S and RS guises.

The Audi Q3 is following suit, getting new colors. However, in this case, while the Daytona Gray and Florett Silver are going to be available on the crossover, the Python Yellow will not be, being swapped out for Dew Silver. Apparently, customers respond better to silver when it comes to crossovers, as all of the new matte paint jobs seem to fall within that spectrum of color. According to Audi, one in every three cars leaves the assembly line wearing some type of gray/silver paint.

The company also explained why the addition of these matte colors is a big deal, detailing the painting process. According to the company with the Four Rings, the matte paint is applied using five layers. Overall, they are about as thick as a strand of hair by the end of the process which means extra precautions must be taken to get it right every time. The primer, filler, and color coats are followed by the clear matte coat with its matting agents (silicate particles). These agents are applied directly to the base coat and the matte look is achieved by reflecting the light diffusely rather than directionally. After a car has been painted, Audi does human and automatic paint measurements, as well as quality checks by placing it in a light tunnel, to make sure everything’s up to par.

Pricing for such an Audi Exclusive paint job will be around $5,500 but will vary depending on the car you’re applying it to and the color you choose.

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