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I love the trajectory of transportation. It's always fascinating to see the emergence of technology within vehicles, and how they compete. I have a tremendous appreciation for EVs and old British all-mechanical roadsters alike. My personal daily driver is a NC Miata, but hoping to add an EV to the mix soon.

2022 Ram 1500 Rebel G/T: For Someone, Not Everyone.

The Ram TRX encompassed the supercharged American muscle that so many fans have come to love. But for those a bit more practically-minded, the Ram Rebel G/T captures some of the same heart and soul of the TRX, with less budget and less power.

2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer: Crash-Tested!

Jeep has joined the chorus of luxury SUV offerings for the American people. The Grand Wagoneer not only raises the bar, but it alters the bar entirely for the perception of what the Jeep brand can mean. Let’s take a look at the Jeep that hides its own make. 

Out Of Spec Podcasts: Matt Teske (Chargeway) And Looking To 2022

Weekly update on the Out of Spec Podcast episodes!

2021 Citroën Ami: Speak ‘Friend’ and Enter.

The Citroën Ami is a unique quadricycle offering from France under the Stellantis umbrella. Though undoubtedly small and quirky, it has tremendous purpose within its segment and offers a surprising experience behind the wheel.

2021 Mercedes GLB 250: Challenging The Value Proposition

The European market features ample offerings from BMW, Mercedes, and the like for every price point. However, the US market sees Mercedes as a premium luxury offering, and there is an expectation to be met. Enter the GLB 250, a relatively affordable Mercedes with an identity crisis that doesn’t actually upset me. So what’s its value proposition?

2022 BMW M240i xDrive: A One-Car Solution

The 2-series from BMW has carried a blend of affordable capability and premium German feel for less than a decade, and now in the early onset of its second generation, it continues to be a viable option as a one-car solution for the average enthusiast.

2021 BMW X5 xDrive45e: Easing Into Electrification

The X5 has long been a staple for BMW, meeting the desires of the CUV buyer and maintaining the performance character expected of BMW. The 45e plug-in hybrid finally bridges an electric stepping stone for the X5, and it just might be the perfect compromise for many. 

EV Media Summit: Compare and Contrast

Pasadena makes for a beautiful travel destination, with the generally mild weather and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. However, the Out of Spec team arrived with a different agenda: how many modern EV’s can we congregate in one place? Welcome to the EV Media Summit. 

Rivian: The Venice Hub

Rivian continues to spearhead more innovative ways to create brand awareness in their own unique ways. The hub, recently opened in Venice, CA, is the latest Rivian experience to hit the public eye. 

4 Enthusiast Cars Your Dog Will Love Too

You may not be able to drive something as interesting as an F-Type, or as fun as a GR86, but there are plenty of unique and enjoyable vehicles for sale now that you can buy if your four legged companions are first on your priority list.
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