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Dodge Challenger Outsells Mustang For First Time In 6 Years

The Dodge Challenger is definitely living its golden years. Even though it is getting a bit long in the tooth these days, the muscle car from Auburn Hills seems to be the most popular choice in its segment, beating its arch-rivals in terms of sales.

The Challenger managed to overtake the Ford Mustang over the first nine months of 2021 and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. While some might think this is not really newsworthy or a big deal, you should know that the Mustang has been the absolute king in this segment for the last six years. Therefore, a change at the top, of this magnitude, is bound to cause some shockwaves.

It was a close race too, throughout 2021. The Challenger was trailing the Mustang by some 1,082 units at the mid-year mark but by the time the third quarter rolled by, the Dodge managed to beat the Ford by more than 3,000 units (44,142 sales vs 41,065). What’s most interesting is that we won’t know who’s winning this sales contest until January 2022. That’s because Dodge reports its sales figures on a quarterly basis.

There’s one name almost missing from this contest and that’s the Chevrolet Camaro. Well, the Chevy is lagging quite far behind these two, actually being outsold by the Corvette this year. The Camaro only found its way to 15,084 owners so far this year, whereas the Corvette racked up 24,748 units in total.

This may very well be a last hurrah for the Challenger. The iconic muscle car, harking back to the early 1970s will be electrified for the next generation, as Dodge repeatedly confirmed already. That’s a mighty big change for a car that brought a lot of joy to owners over 50 years of burning rubber and gas in huge V8s under the hood. Nevertheless, we’re very curious to see what the engineers come up with.

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