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Ford And Google Collaborate On Augmented Reality Experience For F-150 Lightning

Ever since the unveiling of the F-150 Lightning in May of this year, hype for the all-electric pickup has continued to build. Now, nearly six months later, we have some interesting and exciting stats regarding the 160,000 reservations that have been placed.

Over the summer, Ford conducted a study on F-150 Lightning reservation holders and discovered that for 79% of them, the Lightning would be the first battery electric vehicle in their household. Over half, 56% to be exact, stated this would be their first time owning a Ford vehicle. In addition, they discovered that Florida, Texas, and California lead the way in reservation numbers. 

On June 10th, 2021, InsideEVs reported that reservations had surpassed 100,000, which was around the time Ford was gathering these numbers. Doing some quick math, that means if each reservation translates to a sale, 79,000 new battery electric vehicles will be on the road next year. Extrapolate that percentage out to the current 160,000 reservations and that number increases to 126,400. That is one quarter of the total number of Tesla vehicles sold worldwide in 2020.

Let me state that again, Ford’s potential domestic sales of one vehicle to new EV customers is 25% of all the vehicles Tesla sold across the globe last year. That’s just on reservation numbers alone. It can be assumed that more people will end up purchasing an F-150 Lightning that didn’t hold an initial reservation. 

With so many new customers and never-before EV owners, Ford needed to figure out a way to excite and educate them on this groundbreaking vehicle. Enter the “Ford-F150: Strike Anywhere” augmented reality experience.

In collaboration with Google, Ford is rolling out this immersive experience as a means to educate customers on the key elements of their zero-emissions pickup, from the mega power frunk to optimizing battery range. Customers can experience it through Ford.com, or one social media websites such as Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Reddit. 

Ford is knocking it out of the park with the F-150 Lightning, and they are showing that the market is interested in compelling electric vehicles. It is also good news for Rivian, as apparently all-electric pickup trucks are in demand. Beyond the numbers though, Ford is proving themselves as a technological leader in the American car market, and that 56% of new Ford customers are proof. 

Strike anywhere? Right now it seems like the F-150 Lightning is striking everywhere.

Ford F-150 Lightning: Strike Anywhere Augmented Reality Experience

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