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Ford Celebrates 40 Million F-Series Trucks Built

Ford just announced a rather significant milestone, as the 40 millionth F-Series pickup truck rolled off the assembly line. The anniversary model was a 2022 Ford F-150 Tremor that rolled off the manufacturing line at the Dearborn Truck Plant yesterday, and it will soon be on its way to a client in Texas.

While it’s surprising that Ford isn’t keeping the truck, the company said that it will be sent to “Texas to go to work, because that’s what Ford trucks do.” Fair enough! The milestone comes 75 years after the introduction of the first-generation F-Series pickups in 1947. Doing some simple math that means Ford has been making 533,333 F-Series pickups for the US market every year ever since. Of course, that average doesn’t tell the whole story, as the numbers varied over the years.

Furthermore, the F-Series models have become so popular over the years that Ford can actually say it had the best-selling car in the US in its range ever since 1977. That’s because that’s the year when the F-Series trucks rose to the number 1 spot. The company has kept that position for an incredible 45 years, and the F-Series seems to show no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Ford announced earlier this month that the F-Series maintained that legacy by selling 726,004 F-Series vehicles in the United States last year. This put Ford 156,616 units ahead of Ram, which beat the Chevrolet Silverado in a close race. Looking into the future, Ford will definitely be hoping to keep this streak going.

The signs are good, as orders for the electric Ford F-150 Lightning model surpassed every expectation. Hundreds of thousands of customers expressed interest in the car, which is slated to bring some very interesting performance specs to the table. Furthermore, for those not convinced about an electric pickup, the F-150 Raptor just got better so there are plenty of models to choose from!

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