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Ford Eluminator Crate Electric Motor Sold Out In Days

The SEMA show hosted the world premiere of the Ford F-100 Eluminator concept, a restomod that used an old Ford pickup and an electric motor to create a beautiful truck that adheres to modern-day expectations. The concept was also a way of introducing Ford’s new business of offering crate electric motors.

While the world seems hellbent on moving on from internal combustion engines, car makers have to adapt in every single way. Crate engines used to be a good way to make a buck not too long ago. They are basically brand new engines, offered in a ‘crate’, for your own home-made projects. Offering electric ones is not very different than offering them in internal combustion guise and it looks like Ford is already sold out.

The Eluminator crate engine (a nod to the 5.2-liter Aluminator V8) was sold out in a matter of days, after it went on sale, according to Ford Authority. The publication got the info straight from Ford’s director of accessories, Mark Wilson, late last week. The $3,900 electric crate motor proved to be more popular than the company expected and stocks quickly ran out. However, Ford is planning on making more: “We’ll make as many as we need to, as the market demands,” as Wilson said.

One huge advantage the electric crate motor has over an internal combustion one is that it is legal in 50 states across the US, making it a very interesting proposal for those looking to make their own electric cars. Furthermore, its compact size and more than decent specs (281 HP and 317 lb-ft of torque) make it a very attractive offering for all sorts of cars, including smaller ones.

Of course, if you want to make your own EV you’ll need more than just a motor. On that end, Ford is apparently planning on selling more parts for such projects in the future. The list includes battery systems, controllers and traction inverters among other things.

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