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Ford Entices Potential Maverick Buyers With 0% Financing Offer


A Real Steal of a Deal

What has four wheels, a bed, costs less than $20K and has a blue oval on its face? That’s right, the 2022 Ford Maverick is practically being given away. 

CarsDirect received bulletins outlining the deals Ford was offering, and they are enough to even get Dave Ramsey thinking about financing.

First off, the Maverick is priced starting at $19,995. That’s affordable enough to be anyone’s wingman in the competitive sedan and CUV segment. Fully loaded, you can spend close to $43K, which is on par with the Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado. I mean, you’d be losing money if you didn’t buy it, right?

However, the real steal is 0% APR financing if you opt for the 36-month term. That only gives you three years to pay it off, but for those who can afford the monthly payments that means you are paying sticker price and not giving away your money to a bank. 

If buyers go for a five- or six-year term, they will be charged a higher interest rate commensurate with their personal credit score.

2022 Ford Maverick
Source: Road & Track

Expanding the Truck Segment

What’s great about this deal is that Ford is expanding the potential truck segment through pricing. Most consumers don’t need the towing capacity of an F-150 nor do they want to pay the price for one. 

But the price-conscious individual will find an excellent sweet spot of frugal practicality in the Ford Maverick. You can pay sedan prices for a truck and maybe earn some cash on the side hauling furniture to help make those interest-free payments. 

I have been an open critic of SUVs and trucks, but only because people buy them without using them beyond what a regular sedan could handle. And they pay $10K more, conservatively. 

Owning a truck isn’t a bad thing but spending way too much to have more truck than you need just isn’t smart. Hopefully the Ford Maverick helps the general car-buying public understand that they don’t need a full size truck for their everyday needs.

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