Holiday Gift Guide For Your Automotive Enthusiast

    toy car with present on top

    The Gift-Giver’s Conundrum

    Car people are a rare breed. We see machinery as a person, not a thing. We enjoy turning money into gasoline and giggles. We think cars are a good investment and create Instagram accounts specifically for them. If you know anyone like this, chances are you might be having a hard time figuring out what to get them this holiday season. Either the car they want or the parts they need are too expensive or you have simply no idea what they are talking about half the time. That is why we have curated a list of affordable and automotive-themed gifts just for you. We promise that your car person will enjoy them, but we don’t promise that the gifts on this list will be useful.

    Lego Porsche 911 – $29

    Lego Porsche 911
    Source: Lego

    Chances are good that your automotive enthusiast thinks they are still twelve years old.  To that end, you can’t go wrong with toy cars. This Lego Porsche 911 based on the 1974 911 Turbo comes with 180 pieces and a figurine who wears a Porsche-branded T-shirt, leather jacket, and excellent hair. This Lego model is rated for ages 7 and up which means it is perfect for your large child.

    Wired Dash Cam – $70

    Dash Cam
    Source: The Dashcam Store

    If you want something a bit more functional, we recommend the purchase and use of a dash cam. More and more vehicles have the option to get this technology straight from the factory, so double check and make sure your enthusiast doesn’t already own one. If not, this gift will keep them safe on the road and can be installed relatively easily. For instructions on how to do so with an NC Miata, you can check out this Youtube tutorial. Keep in mind that a wired dash cam will need a fuse tap, which you can find here. Alternatively, many options come with a cord you can plug straight into a USB port.

    Nissan GTR Evolution Poster – $110

    Nissan GTR metal print poster
    Source: Etsy

    If your automotive enthusiast likes looking at cars, which they probably do, then chances are they wouldn’t mind having a 2D image of a car hanging on their wall. This metal print poster of the Nissan Skyline is just one of many that your gearhead will appreciate. Keep in mind that other posters can be had for less, but the smile on their face as they stare into the wall will be priceless.

    Vintage Style Driving Gloves – $125

    Autodromo driving gloves
    Source: Autodromo

    As the typical motorhead’s passion for cars usually stems from the sheer exhilaration of driving a car, phalange-encompassing outerwear that enhances said experience is almost always a good choice. Even if they don’t drive their car on the track, more than likely your automotive enthusiast will love feeling like Steve McQueen every time they slap these vintage-style driving gloves on. The leather adds additional grip, and the knitted mesh back keeps hands cool and free from sweat. 

    Literally Any Hot Wheels – Price Varies

    Hot wheels 20 pack
    Source: Amazon

    It is very difficult for the car enthusiast to outgrow their desire to collect Hot Wheels. Even if they no longer can bend down to drive them along the carpet, or getting up is the difficult part, chances are they still appreciate the nostalgia of owning several of these diecast metal cars. This particular Supra can be had for $18 plus shipping. 

    The Car Book: A Definitive Visual History of the Automobile – $24

    The Car Book
    Source: Amazon

    What’s the one thing car people love almost as much as driving cars? Proving that they know more about cars than other car people. Give your friend or loved one the gift of intellectual dominance with this visual automotive history book. This book gives insight into technological advancements within the auto industry, the cultural backdrop in which vehicles arose, and much more. Knowledge is power, and this book will help your auto enthusiast impress the attendees of the next local car meet.

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