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Honda Driving Assistant, Sensing 360, Gets Cutting Edge Tech

Honda unveiled its latest and best driving assistance tech last week. Huddled under the Sensing 360 nameplate, the new system will be deployed in future models and will have more sensors and better functionality than ever.

According to the Japanese car maker, the Sensing 360 suite comes with more hardware than before. The new system is capable to “see” in every direction, hence the 360 in the name. It will be using a new set of five millimeter-wave radar sensors, one positioned in the front of the car, and four in each corner. These will be added on top of the camera that’s currently being used on Honda’s driving assistance system.

Of course, all the features you’ve seen offered by other car makers will also make an appearance. For example, Honda’s Front Cross Traffic Warning system will notify the driver if it’s at risk when setting in motion, in case cars are coming from the side. Since the cars will have more sensors, their ability to figure out dangerous situations will be improved. The same goes for the Collision Mitigation Braking System, that’s going to prevent collisions with pedestrians and cars better from now on.

“Honda Sensing 360 represents the next major step in what has already been an industry-leading application of safety and driver-assistive technologies,” said Gary Robinson, assistant vice president of Product Planning at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “Honda will continue to advance our technologies to improve safety for everyone sharing the road and play a leading role in realizing a collision-free society.”

The cars fitted with the Sensing 360 system will also be able to change lanes on their own. The driver will only have to press on the appropriate signal stalk and, if the system is engaged, the car will switch lanes on its own. If the car senses a car in the driver’s blindspot, it will steer back into its lane automatically.

The new Honda Sensing 360 system will make its debut in 2022 on cars destined for the Chinese market first. All of the future Honda models will then get the new tech, by 2030.

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