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Hyundai Teases SEVEN Concept, A Future Electric SUV

Hyundai just announced that it will present a new concept to the world at the Los Angeles Auto Show, on November 17. Dubbed SEVEN, it’s meant to preface the launch of yet another fully electric vehicle, this time an SUV.

Hyundai already has several fully electric models in its range, most of them more along the lines of crossovers rather than SUVs. Therefore, the SEVEN could be a very important piece in the electric puzzle that the South Korean manufacturer is painting right now, getting ready for the electric era. If our guesses are correct, the SEVEN should be bigger than the Hyundai Ioniq 5 which, while impressive in size, is more along the lines of a crossover.

The teaser images don’t really show a lot of the car, just tiny bits. Nevertheless, they do show what could be very interesting tech, especially up front. In one of the pictures, we can clearly see what looks like a split headlight, with pixel LEDs that could very well be used for a number of tasks. From DRL functions to full-on lighting at night. There’s even a name for this new feature, Parametric Pixels.

On the inside, the designers and engineers focused on creating a lounge ambience, using sustainable materials to create what Hyundai calls ‘a refined, eco-friendly mobility experience’. The customers will be the judges in this case.

There are no specs to talk about when it comes to the Hyundai SEVEN as this is just a concept for now. Even so, chances are that the SUV will be sharing a lot of tech tidbits with the Ioniq 5, currently the most advanced electric car in the portfolio of the South Korean car maker. That means a 77 kWh battery is in the books (and even a bigger one, possibly), it will probably have one or two motors, and it will bring all the nice features the Ioniq 5 has, including the 800V architecture and power sharing capabilities.

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