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Lexus NX Now Has TRD Upgrades Available For Better Looks

The Lexus NX is now the latest model in the line-up of the Japanese luxury car maker to get an official line of products from TRD, the performance arm of parent-company Toyota. The complete kit was unveiled late last week and comes with a host of upgrades for the popular SUV.

In case the looks of the Lexus NX seemed too dull for you, the people from the Toyota Racing Development (TRD) team decided to try and spice things up a bit. The one that will be noticed first will probably the added front spoiler that goes right under that famous Lexus Spindle Grille. With it, the NX gets an even more aggressive stance up front but that’s not all. According to TRD, the new spoiler also helps out in the aerodynamics department, hence improving steering response at higher speeds.

The sides are complemented by a new set of mirror covers along with new side skirts, both of them being aerodynamically optimized as well. Round the back, the same air-cutting technique was applied to a new diffuser that can be paired with a new quad-tailpipe exhaust system. Given that the NX can be fitted with a rather big V6 under the hood, we’re rather curious as to the note of the new exhaust.

There’s no mention of a power upgrade kit or a performance increase brought on by the new exhaust or the aerodynamic upgrades from TRD. However, the tuning division from Toyota did develop a new set of front and rear performance dampers that apparently reduce road noise vibration. Once again, there’s no mention of a performance improvements anywhere.

Nevertheless, the upgraded Lexus NX models should have meaner looks and a more refined ride, for those looking for such a combo. On top of that, the TRD team also unveiled a new set of 20-inch forged aluminum wheels with a multi-spoke design and gunmetal finish. This is the only item that actually improves the performance of the car, as the new wheels are lighter than the standard ones, thus reducing unsprung mass.

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