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Out Of Spec Podcasts: Matt Teske (Chargeway) And Looking To 2022

Special Guest

This week on the Out of Spec Podcast we have special guest Matt Teske, founder and CEO of Chargeway. It all sparked from he and Kyle having an initial exchange debating the recent tactics Ford used to use memes to bring awareness to common EV myths. The memes then subsequently debunk the myths or simply make some fun of the ideas. On that note, we also discuss the challenges of charging and solutions for those without home charging, and even the charging connectors varying between companies. Though undoubtedly, CCS2 is becoming the most widespread for DC Fast-Charging. 

Crew Show

For the crew show we look ahead to all the cars coming in 2022, with some [dis]honorable mentions of those who were delayed beyond this year. It’s incredible to see how many electric vehicles make the headlines, with few combustion cars being looked forward to in comparison. That being said, we did find a few to discuss. Gas isn’t dead yet! 

We also discuss some of the highlights and unveilings at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, and subsequently the road trip Kyle and Jordan took to get there in the Model 3, now with over 100,000 miles. It made it, but not without some glitches and questionable moments. Mike and Ben also went on an EV road trip, in their Taycan! They went to the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta and fill us in on the experience. 

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