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Out Of Spec Podcasts: Calvin Kim (Taycan Spokesperson), Ford Escape PHEV Assessment, and EV6 & ID.4 Updates

Special Guest

This week, the Out of Spec Podcast is kicked off with special guest Calvin Kim, spokesperson for Taycan of Porsche North America. We dive into discussion on the launch of Taycan in a market dominated by Tesla, including the challenges and fun therein. Calvin works and excels at telling the story of Taycan, and he supports and enables others to tell a part of the story as well. He touches on the challenges of marketing and sharing an electric car when electrification is still not second-nature. There are still significant learning curves and strides before the general population understands charging speed, charging curve, etc. Oh, and did we mention Calvin has an Evo and LX? 

Crew Show

For the crew show, we assess our time with the Ford Escape PHEV. Ben drives his RWD Taycan to drive a RWD IONIQ 5, and we compare it to the ideals of the Kia EV6. We highlight the new Super Bowl Commercial on the Kia EV6 and it’s V2L capabilities. RoboDog! Volkswagen updates the 2022 ID.4 with what it should have had from the beginning, and we drool over the Polestar Arctic Circle, complete with lift and 19” OZ wheels on studded snow tires! Plus much, much more!

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