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Out Of Spec Podcasts: John Voelcker (Car & Driver), Driving The Ram Rebel, PHEV vs. Range-Extender

Special Guest

This week on the Out of Spec Podcast we have special guest John Voelcker, legendary journalist in the EV space and contributing editor with Car & Driver. We discuss the history of covering EVs, the EV1 by GM, the iMiEV by Mitsubishi, and so many other models of recent time. John has decades of unique experience and we thoroughly enjoyed the nerdy conversation! 

Crew Show

For the crew show we talk about our time with the Ram Rebel G/T and Ford Bronco. The Rebel is an interesting proposition, but priced as tested, a bit too expensive for our taste! Tune in next week for our final thoughts on the Bronco and its capabilities.  

We also look at the joint-venture of Unplugged Performance and Koenigsegg, making new performance parts, especially in the carbon fiber material-space. We also take a peak at Bollinger’s leave-of-absence in the general public space and Edison Future’s conceptual potentials. Porsche releases the 50th anniversary Porsche Design 911 Targa and the 20th anniversary Cayenne Platinum. And we encapsulate our discussion with PHEV vs range-extender options…what should Jordan consider?!

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I love the trajectory of transportation. It's always fascinating to see the emergence of technology within vehicles, and how they compete. I have a tremendous appreciation for EVs and old British all-mechanical roadsters alike. My personal daily driver is a NC Miata, but hoping to add an EV to the mix soon.