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Out Of Spec Podcasts: Martyn Lee (EV News Daily), IONIQ 5 Comparisons and Testing

Special Guest

This week on the Out of Spec Podcast, we are joined by Martyn Lee, the founder and brainiac behind EV News Daily! We discuss the realm of automotive podcasts and news surrounding the EV space and the new venture Martyn is taking into another shorter show segment. Then we debate the existence of Formula E and Formula 1, and we discuss the sheer size of some EVs (ahem, Hummer) and the varying models between British and US markets. Plus much more!

Crew Show

For the crew show, Jordan and Kyle talk about the IONIQ 5 testing and comparisons against Ford Mustang Mach E and Volkswagen ID.4. And the range test…neither bad nor impressive! They also talk about the Land Rover Discovery and how it stacks up against the Defender. Jordan is also debating a winter beater, preferably small, 4×4, and imported. Or should he just buy Mike’s Mini EV? Ben makes a case for a Model 3, and we finished the episode more confused that we started. 

Then we take a dramatic turn towards the subject of limited run dream cars. Gordon Murray is back at it with the new T.33, the supposed “practical supercar” complete with 10 cubic feet of storage. And at under $2,000,000 and 100 to be produced, we expect every one to sell to practically-minded individuals. BAC is also returning, supposedly, with a Hydrogen-powered Mono. Though time will tell if anything figurative comes to fruition.

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I love the trajectory of transportation. It's always fascinating to see the emergence of technology within vehicles, and how they compete. I have a tremendous appreciation for EVs and old British all-mechanical roadsters alike. My personal daily driver is a NC Miata, but hoping to add an EV to the mix soon.