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Porsche Design Marks 50th Anniversary With Special 911

Porsche Design couldn’t let a special moment like its 50th anniversary go unnoticed. After all, the people from Porsche Design are known for the unique combinations they make on very special models and setting up one for this moment in time was borderline mandatory. Therefore, a special edition 911 was unveiled yesterday with this exact purpose.

The Porsche Design company was founded back in 1972 by none other than Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the man who penned the 911. The model choice for this limited-run special edition was rather obvious therefore. The people from the Porsche sub-brand decided to the 911 Targa 4 GTS would be perfect as the basis for their project and a production cap of 750 units was set globally.

The design was inspired by the Chronograph 1, the first product the company signed off on back in the 1970s. Therefore, all these 750 special-edition 911s will be wearing black on the outside, as a throwback to the Porsche Design Chronograph 1 which, when it was launched, became the world’s first all-black watch.

Furthermore, several sections of the exterior are finished in Satin Platinum. These include 20/21-inch center-locking 911 Turbo S wheels, the Targa bar and Porsche Design logos on the doors. Brake calipers in high gloss black and a special “50 Years Porsche Design” badge on the engine grille are included.

Inside the cabin you’ll also find a silver, numbered badge for each car, indicating that this is limited-production vehicle. On top of that, the center console lid will bear the signature of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, son of Ferry Porsche and the man who founded the company. Sport-Tex seat centers with a checked pattern in Black and Cool Grey, headrests embossed with the 50 Years Porsche Design logo and a center marker on the GT Sport steering wheel in Slate Grey are also all special to this model.

On top of these 750 special 911s, Porsche also unveiled two new timepieces: the Chronograph 1 – 911 50 Years of Porsche Design, and the Chronograph 1 -1972 Limited Edition. The former is the first Chronograph 1 that is loyal to the design of the original Chronograph 1 that was first produced by Porsche Design in 1972, and it is a companion piece to the new Porsche Design Edition 50 Years.

The current logo and writing were utilized in place of the original brand design, and it contains a sapphire crystal case back that reveals a winding rotor with the same design as the special edition 911’s wheel. This watch is likewise inscribed with the same number out of 750 as the vehicle it represents. The automobile and watch have a combined MSRP of $195,850, which includes $1,350 for delivery, processing, and handling.

The latter is restricted to 500 pieces worldwide and can be purchased by customers individually for $7,700. In terms of size and appearance, this version of the watch is identical to the original, and it has a solid titanium case back with the classic Porsche Design emblem. Deliveries of the 911 Edition 50 Years are expected to kick off this Spring.

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