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Renting a Classic!

We all know that guy. “No one ever drives my car but me!” Yet in the car enthusiast world, there are those who consider themselves as simply stewards of interesting cars and see a duty to share their enthusiasm with others. Sharing that enthusiasm typically consisted of anything from showing up at cruise night at the local hot dog stand to lavish concours d’elegance at exotic locales, but the aim was always the same: a celebration for our love of cars.

In this 21st century gig economy, there’s a new twist available in the car hobby-renting a classic. Just as travelers can opt for a cookie cutter hotel room or opt for a unique Airbnd type experience, you can now do the same with cars. DriveShare is operated by Hagerty, one of the best known names in classic and exotic car insurance. Originally created by Hagerty members, the company saw an opportunity and incorporated it into their business.

So how does this work? DriveShare functions as a conduit between owner and renter. The owner sets the price. And it’s between you and the owner about delivery-you pick up the car or arrange for its delivery. As a reassurance to renters, insurance and roadside assistance is included in the rate. And who can participate? Any driver over the age of 25 with a clean driving record, but again, rentals are at the owner’s discretion.

I had the opportunity to speak to Steve Haas at Hagerty about the DriveShare program. One of my favorite takeaways from our conversation about DriveShare was about the people who partake in this unusual experience. A mother and daughter decided to embark on a trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula before she was to begin art school. But instead of renting some bland, forgettable sedan, they opted for the iconic VW Beetle. While I’m certain the trip would have been memorable regardless, there’s no question cruising the UP in a 1960’s Beetle made an indelible mark on that trip.

Steve also mentioned there is a practical side to DriveShare. Imagine you’ve longed for Magnum PI’s Ferrari 308 all your life, and you finally saved the money for one. Yet you have no clue what it’s like to drive. DriveShare can provide the experience of trying out the car of your dreams before you commit to going all in.

With well over 2,500 cars ready and waiting to be rented, take your pick! From the quirky Audi Quattro, luxe Mercedes and svelte Volvo does not even begin to show the rides available.

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