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Tesla Model 3 Catches Fire While Charging

A Tesla Model 3 caught on fire on the night of November 23, while charging, in the driveway of a house in Maple Glen,...

All New 2022 Zero SR, Improved Batteries, Cypher Store Upgrades

Zero Motorcycles has just given the world some improvements to their products and user experience, including battery capacity increases and a software marketplace for their motorcycles that highlight the advances in some of the 2022 Zero Model Line, including the all-new 2022 .

The EV Disadvantage: Charging

Objective Reporting If you read my article The Four Inherent Advantages of Electric Vehicles you might’ve thought I was just a Tesla acolyte who serves...

Toyota To Invest $3.4 Billion In US-Based Battery Plant

The plant will initially make batteries for hybrid cars.