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Toyota Supra To Reportedly Get A Manual Transmission

Few cars have been so loved over the years as the Toyota Supra. The love fans have for it is outstanding and has grown...

2022 Toyota GR86 Pricing To Start At $28,725

It's cheaper than the Subaru BRZ.

2022 Honda Civic Si Teased Ahead Of Imminent Launch

It will bring visual upgrades and possibly technical improvements over the standard Civic.

Upcoming Acura Integra Confirmed To Receive A Manual Transmission

One of the biggest questions surrounding the launch of the new Acura Integra in everyone’s minds was: will it be available with a manual?...

2022 VW Jetta Gets Better MPG Ratings From EPA

It should do up to 43 mpg.

2021 Toyota Tacoma 6 Speed Manual: One of Two Manual Trucks...

Close your eyes but for a moment and imagine a time in the automotive kingdom, say almost three decades ago, when almost every American and Japanese manufacturer offered a basic, no frills, small pickup truck. They made no pretenses about refinement, passenger comfort, a smooth quiet ride, power, or any of the things modern car buyers take for granted nowadays.