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2021 Mercedes GLB 250: Challenging The Value Proposition

The European market features ample offerings from BMW, Mercedes, and the like for every price point. However, the US market sees Mercedes as a premium luxury offering, and there is an expectation to be met. Enter the GLB 250, a relatively affordable Mercedes with an identity crisis that doesn’t actually upset me. So what’s its value proposition?

EV Media Summit: Compare and Contrast

Pasadena makes for a beautiful travel destination, with the generally mild weather and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. However, the Out of Spec team arrived with a different agenda: how many modern EV’s can we congregate in one place? Welcome to the EV Media Summit. 

Mercedes Benz S 580: The Bar for Excellence, Raised Again.

Long held as the standard in luxury sedans, the Mercedes S Class is back for the 7th generation of excellence. Being revered as a gold standard can make complacency easy, but Mercedes Benz continues to innovate in new ways to keep its status not only relevant, but pushing boundaries.

10 Cars To Be Thankful For This Year

‘Tis the season of turkey, mashed potatoes, awkward dinner conversations, and giving thanks immediately followed by shameless materialism. That’s right, Thanksgiving Day is upon...

2021 Mercedes-Benz E450 Review: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

The redesigned Mercedes-Benz E450 targets a younger market while still catering to its traditional clientele with looks, tech, and mild hybrid performance to match.