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Tesla Cybertruck Spotted – with No Handles?

tesla cybertruck

A video surfaced today showing the long-awaited Tesla Cybertruck- with some surprising modifications. Though the video in question is quite low-quality, what is clear is that the vehicle appears to have no door handles.

On Twitter, Tesla “Technoking” Elon Musk noted Tesla’s plans to remove the electric truck’s door handles, simply stating “There will be no handles”. Based on the footage we’ve seen, it seems Tesla is following through on this. At this time, it’s unknown whether the video shows a redesigned version of the Cybertruck, or simply a modified version of one of the prototypes seen at the truck’s unveiling event.

Tesla has always chosen interesting door handle designs for their vehicles- the retracting handles on Model S, the button-style handles on the Model X, and the hinged design on the Model 3 and Model Y. However, no production vehicle from the automaker has been delivered without door handles so far- though the New Roadster prototype demonstrated a rather interesting hidden-handle design.

It’s yet to be seen how the Cybertruck’s doors can be opened from the outside. Some believe there may be a hidden button similar to the Roadster prototype, though this is purely speculation. We look forward to learning more about this design.

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