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Tesla Delivers 308,600 Cars In Q4, Sets New Record

Tesla has been on a roll in 2021, delivering record numbers in each quarter of the year. As 2021 came to a close last week, the numbers were added up by the Tesla accountants and it looks like the American-based car maker managed to deliver an impressive 308,600 cars in the last quarter, setting a new record in this regard.

Going over the 300,000-mark definitely exceeded Wall Street’s estimates, especially as it happened during the global chip shortage crisis that held numerous car makers back. However, Tesla managed to keep the trend going by ramping up its production in China, where it was capable of keeping up with the demand. Right now, any car maker that can actually deliver cars without a six-month waiting period will cash in on its performance.

This, however, marks the sixth consecutive record-breaking quarter for the world’s most valuable car maker. Tesla managed to beat its own best-selling figures time after time since the middle of 2020. The analysts forecasted sales of about 263,000 units in Q4 for Tesla, a number that was passed by the middle of November. Compared to the same period of 2020, the deliveries recorded by Tesla in between October and December went up by 70%. Furthermore, at 308,600 units moved, deliveries also rose by about 30 percent compared to Q3.

Despite increased competition and regulatory pressure from consumer complaints about product safety, Tesla increased production in China for domestic sales and exports to Europe and other nations. In the fourth quarter, Tesla claims it sold 296,850 Model 3 compact cars and Model Y sport-utility vehicles to customers. It shipped a total of 11,750 Model S and Model X vehicles in the fourth quarter, up from 9,275 in Q3 but a bit short compared to the estimates made by analyst, who expected Tesla to build and sell 12,879 units. Even so, Tesla failed to reach its initial goal of delivering 1,000,000 cars in 2021, the grand total reaching 936,172 units.

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