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The Tesla Beer Is Apparently Really Coming

During an event, held in berlin, on the site where Tesla is currently building its European production plant, it’s rockstar spokesperson, Elon Musk, said that the company might actually launch a beer. What was initially considered to be just a joke aimed at the beer-loving German people seems to be more than that, as the company recently filed for a trademark for the Giga Beer and Giga Bier names. Things are happening!

At the event, during Elon’s speech, the troubled billionaire said that he wants a number of things from the new facility. To quote him, he said: “We’re going to build a train station that’s right on the property. And then we’re going to have graffiti murals all throughout the factory, on the outside and everything. So, I think that’s going to be pretty cool. We’ve got some of them already. And we’re even going to have a beer.”

Elon Musk announcing the Giga Beer

Initially, the crowd was covered by a shy laugh, as people scoffed at the idea of having a brew with the Tesla badge on it. However, recent discoveries made by the internet people show that a patent has been filed for the Giga Beer and Giga Bier (the German spelling) names, by a company called Starbase Brewing LLC. While that may seem peculiar, as most people would expect Tesla to file for said patents, Starbase Brewing LLC is actually self-described as a “small craft beer company” with its HQ in Texas and a website that says it is based on Earth but “brewing beer for Mars”. Sounds familiar?

Sure, the company website doesn’t mention any stake from Elon Musk or that he might’ve had his hand in this but it’s all a bit too familiar not to make us wonder. Furthermore, the website and everything on it seems to be a collection of clues as to who is actually behind it, with mentions of rockets, space, Mars Colonization and the future of humanity in space.

Via: Teslarati

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