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Volkswagen iD.5 EV Unveiled With Coupe-Like Roofline

Volkswagen just took the veils off its brand new iD.5 electric SUV, part of the line-up created on the MEB platform. This is the latest addition to the range that was already made up of the iD.3, iD.4 and, for some markets, iD.6. But what is, the iD.5, exactly?

Judging by the photos, this would be the Coupe version of the iD.4. The design of the two might be very similar up front, where they share almost every single part, but the iD.5 has a sloping roofline towards the back, signaling a new era for Volkswagen, the one with the coupe, electric SUVs. Other than the roofline and its shape, everything else on this car is the same as on the iD.4, down to the wheelbase and even the specs.

Under the sheet metal you’ll find a battery of 77 kWh and this seems to be the only choice available for now, unlike the iD.4 which has a smaller one on offer too. As for the power, it can come from one or two electric motors, depending on the version you go for.

The iD.5 is offered in three guises: the iD.5 Pro, the iD.5 Pro Performance and the iD.5 GTX. The first one could be considered the ‘base’ model, with a rear-mounted electric motor, delivering 171 HP, good enough for a 0-62 mph sprint of 10.4 seconds. The Pro Performance comes in with 201 HP and a similar layout, the acceleration time for this version being quoted at 8.4 seconds. It’s the GTX you’ll be interested in, if you’re looking for all-wheel drive or better acceleration figures. That’s because it uses two electric motors (one for each axle) and has a total power output of 295 HP, allowing it to hit 62 mph from a dig in 6.3 seconds.

The range of the cars will be of utmost importance for prospective owners too. According to VW, the Pro Performance model should offer a range of up to 323 miles with a full charge, while the GTX should stop running after 298 miles. That would be a bit better than on the iD.4 and the main difference comes from the shape of the roof. That’s because the sloping roofline of the iD.5 grants it a better drag coefficient compared to its less-stylish brother, at 0.26 (0.02 better than on the iD.4).

Pricing for the new iD.5 is yet to be announced and Volkswagen says that sales are slated to kick off early next year.

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