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Tesla Increases Price Of Model 3 and Model Y

This morning, the Tesla site was updated to reflect new pricing of its best-selling lower-priced models, the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover....

2021 Zero DSR Black Forest: Past, Meet The Present.

The 2021 Zero DSR is incredibly capable, but it also carries a strange dichotomy of modern technology with 10 year old features. Is it still my choice bike?

Audi Q4 E-Tron: Out of Spec Reviews’ First Impressions

The Audi Q4 E-Tron is the dressed-to-impress vehicle sharing the MEV platform with the Volkswagon ID.4, Kyle puts it through some real-world driving scenarios, including highways, cities, and winding French hillsides. 

Zero FXE: Riding the Future Commuter

Jet packs. This was supposed to be the future. Zero’s CEO Sam Paschel was disappointed, like many of us, in the current lack of jet packs. Today was supposedly that future, with so many gadgets of popular culture that never came to fruition. But unlike the jet pack, Zero wants to actually deliver on its promises.

Buying Electric MINI Cooper SE And Road-Tripping It Home

Sean buys a MINI Cooper SE in New York and has to figure out how to get it home to Ohio. Of course it’s going to be a road trip in one of the shortest range EVs on sale!