2022 Mercedes GLS 450: Experiential Value

On paper, many SUVs of today boast plenty of comparable practical measures. But the Mercedes GLS provides a driving experience simply unmatched in most regards. So just how good is it?

A Dreamy Desert Duo: Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo & Rivian...

The Out of Spec team slices the desert air with a dynamic duo of over 1,300 combined electric horsepower, my ideal two-car solution: the Porsche Taycan and Rivian R1T.


2021 Mercedes GLB 250: Challenging The Value Proposition

The European market features ample offerings from BMW, Mercedes, and the like for every price point. However, the US market sees Mercedes as a premium luxury offering, and there is an expectation to be met. Enter the GLB 250, a relatively affordable Mercedes with an identity crisis that doesn’t actually upset me. So what’s its value proposition?