2022 Mercedes GLS 450: Experiential Value

On paper, many SUVs of today boast plenty of comparable practical measures. But the Mercedes GLS provides a driving experience simply unmatched in most regards. So just how good is it?

A Dreamy Desert Duo: Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo & Rivian...

The Out of Spec team slices the desert air with a dynamic duo of over 1,300 combined electric horsepower, my ideal two-car solution: the Porsche Taycan and Rivian R1T.


2021 Lexus RX450H F-Sport AWD Review: Setting the Bar

The RX continues to set the ‘bar’ so to speak with what a premium crossover SUV should entail, and while it’s not the best at any one category, the overall fit and finish leaves you with an extremely polished and easy to live with product that no one else has quite been able to match in almost 20 years, and the RX450h F-Sport showcases that perfectly. For those not concerned with performance that don’t mind paying a premium for a vehicle that looks the part, has an interior that is fantastic, and is as low stress to drive and own as possible while still having hybrid technology, the RX450h F-Sport is the perfect prospect.