2022 Mercedes GLS 450: Experiential Value

On paper, many SUVs of today boast plenty of comparable practical measures. But the Mercedes GLS provides a driving experience simply unmatched in most regards. So just how good is it?

A Dreamy Desert Duo: Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo & Rivian...

The Out of Spec team slices the desert air with a dynamic duo of over 1,300 combined electric horsepower, my ideal two-car solution: the Porsche Taycan and Rivian R1T.


2021 Toyota Supra: 2.0’s Company, 3.0’s a Crowd.

The GR Supra rocked the world, for better or worse. It was met with mixed reactions, plenty of purist criticism, but also critical acclaim for those who actually got behind the wheel. With 2021, Toyota improved the 3.0L and brought to light a new 4 cylinder 2.0L. Ever the advocate for the under-dog, I was very intrigued to try it and surprised to find that I loved it.